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When your life savings are at stake, you need advice you can trust. You need a financial advisor who is objective, someone who is not paid to sell you one product instead of another. You need a relationship with a firm that promises to always put your interests first, a firm with proven experience. The team at NewWest Advisors has been serving the Boulder area since 1983, and can give you the confidence that comes with knowing you have planned prudently for your future.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

True comprehensive financial planning is a deliberative, holistic process that addresses your unique financial situation. Development, implementation and attentive monitoring of a soundly reasoned plan will permit you to prudently address life’s changes, challenges and complexities as they arise.

Investment Management

We construct portfolios consistent with your risk tolerance, attempting to produce a reasonable return while trying to mitigate downside risk, insofar as possible. Client portfolios are constructed with carefully chosen assets, across a variety of asset classes, to provide diversification that is appropriate for your risk profile.

Tax Planning

We will provide proactive tax planning, working with your tax advisor to develop and implement strategies to minimize your income taxes, but always aware that our priority is to maintain total return.

Risk Management Planning

We evaluate how to mitigate risk for the totality of your financial picture. This includes assessing your complete financial circumstance for risks versus opportunities. This can include needs for life insurance, catastrophic coverage, medical and long-term care coverage to be sure the unexpected does not put a halt to your future goals.

Business Planning

We will consult with you to evaluate or establish employee retirement plans, executive compensation and business buy-sell/continuity strategies. Take advantage of our experience in buying and selling businesses.

Estate Planning

Establishing an estate plan as part of your comprehensive wealth plan can be one of the most effective ways to help lower your estate taxes, while providing for your family, and leaving a legacy for the future. We offer the following estate planning services:

  • Coordinate with your attorney to implement your estate plan from beginning to end.
  • Re-title assets to help reduce or eliminate estate taxes, or to avoid probate.
  • Review beneficiary designations for opportunities to stretch retirement plans over generations.

Charitable Planning

We work with you to develop your charitable goals, and to create strategies to maximize your impact.

Trust Services

New West Advisors works with The Private Trust Company, N.A., as well as other trust companies as appropriate, to provide trust services to our clients and their families. The trust companies provide:

  • Administration
  • Reporting
  • Record Keeping
  • Safeguarding Your Assets
  • Compliance & Fiduciary Accountability

Although the trust company acts as trustee, financial consultants at New West Advisors will serve as your primary advisor. This ensures that fiduciary matters are conducted in a manner consistent with your long-term goals and objectives while maintaining sensitivity to your unique family needs. If you have an existing trust relationship, New West Advisors can work with your trust company to coordinate the transfer of the fiduciary responsibilities and management of the trust assets.