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Hony Tarrall

Hony has been helping clients discover the road toward financial independence for over 30 years. A seasoned professional, he has navigated some of the most dramatic market environments of this century. His career began in 1983 on 17th Street in Denver, at Dean Witter. In 1986, he moved to the new Hanifen Imhoff office in Boulder, later moving to Piper Jaffrey Hopwood. Always firmly believing that his clients should come first, in 1994 Hony made the decision to join LPL Financial so that he could build an independent practice. He is now Principal of New West Advisors.

Prior to joining the investment world, Hony spent 10 years at Schlumberger (an oil field service company), followed by 10 years at the start up medical electronics firm Valley Lab, which later became Covidien. From his technical and programming analysis background, combined with a deep interest and professional experience in financial markets, Hony enjoys developing and modeling investment strategies. Hony also brings his experience and analytical bent to the table when clients come with complex life situations. Analyses have included IPOs, qualified and nonqualified stock options, leveraged buy-outs, small business sales, retirement planning, estate planning, contingency planning, bereavement, divorce and partnership issues.

A native of Virginia, Hony earned a BS in Civil Engineering. He moved to Colorado for the skiing then began bike riding, eventually bike racing and mountain biking, and he now thoroughly enjoys hiking, snowshoeing and backpacking in the mountains and wilds of Colorado, Arizona and Utah.